Q.  Softened water contains large amount of sodium and is unhealthy to drink.
A. False. Per gallon Poseidon Elite Filtration Systems contain, per gallon, less than 300mg of sodium. This is less than 2 pieces of white bread.

Q.  Softeners that use salt are expensive to maintain and waste thousand of gallons of water per year.
A.  Poseidon Elite systems use on average ¾ - 1 bag of Sodium/Potassium per month (approximately $40.00 per year). The Elite system uses between 30 and 35 gallons per cycle and cycle on average 2-3 times per month (at highest average use this is only 1260 gallons per year. Some conditioners can use eight times as much water to only condition the water.

Q. Reverse Osmosis water is aggressive or acidic
A. Poseidon's Reverse Osmosis systems are designed to be PH balanced between 7.0 and 8.0.

Q. Reverse Osmosis filters are expensive and need to be changed every 6 months.
A. Poseidon's Reverse Osmosis systems are designed to have filter changes every 12-18 months depending on use. The filter change is approximately $40.00 per change out.